Friday, 16 May 2014

Chic yet casual comfort

There's some days, like today, when the weather is surprisingly warm, but you don't necessarily want to get 'dolled up'. And that's exactly how I am feeling! In all honesty, I sometimes prefer to dress down, keeping it casual and comfortable, but equally outdoorsy.

Fashion Geek had this really cool image (below), and I just loved the simplicity of denim with a simple white tee or crop. From Jessica Alba to Sarah Jessica Parker, the boyfriend jeans are a classic hit. And although I've never owned a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans before, I think they are the perfect solution for a demure look. The great thing about boyfriend jeans is that they can pretty much look good against anything! From a classic blazer, a boob-tube, and denim shirt, or a simple vest, the options are endless.

Taking inspiration from these celebrities, I've put together some of the hottest items relevant for achieving the boyfriend look today. These, are of course, subject to my personal preference, but I just love a pair of dungarees for a modern boyfriend look. Now I know nautical stripes are not typically associated with the boyfriend trend, but this cute stripe top by J Crew would look so chic when paired with the crop length denim jeans to the left. When trying to achieve this look it's ideal to keep everything minimal and simple! No clean lines, no body-hugging pieces, and absolutely no heels! Casual and chic is about endorsing those comfy flats...especially the pair of gorgeous black espadrilles!

The boyfriend look

If you happen to have liked any of the pieces I have selected above, then there is a price-list below. So come on girls, why not work the boyfriend look?!












Gwen Stefani Get the Look

Earlier this week, Gwen Stefani was also seen in a head to toe boyfriend ensemble! Doesn't she look like such a dime? While she sticks to her statement red lips, I love the ways in which she is playing around with her fashion sensibilities of late. A nice twist on the classic boyfriend look is pairing your slouchy-jeans with a pair of sneakers or trainers! We all know how on trend they are at the moment...what better time to wear them. Here's how you can achieve Gwen's boyfriend look...





I hope you all enjoy recreating the chic yet casual comfort look in your own personal style! Until next time...have a great day!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Celebrity casual look for less

We are constantly surrounded by snaps of celebrities on the internet wearing the latest Prada/Gucci/Ralph Lauren collections (to name a few). And while we all drool over the coveted trends and designer fashion accessories, many, if not all of these trends are seriously way out of our budget. But, that doesn't necessarily mean we cannot emulate the same celebrity trends! Of course not! Bearing in mind that we are all on a shopping spree budget, yet so in love with the latest celebrity looks, here's how you can get your hands on a similar look at an all new affordable price. Looking like these three celebrities below just got a whole lot easier...


During the month of May insofar, celebrities have often been seen in layering garments. Not necessarily because that's what's in vogue right now, but because the weather across much of New York and London continues to harness the grey clouds and wet showers! While we are still waiting for the glorious sun to shine upon us all, you will be pleased to know that these celebrity looks are not only comfortable casual-wear, but perfect pieces to wear during anytime of the year.

Cara Delevigne - Get the Look

Achieving this Cara Delevigne look is ever so simple, and this will certainly look just as good during the daytime as it will in the evening. A pair of leather pants is an essential for any woman's wardrobe, and if you're confident enough to wear a crop top with it then this is the perfect look for you to endorse right now! The key piece that brings this look together, however, is the khaki coloured bomber jacket. The splash of olive green works wonders against black, and ties together the casual look of this outfit. Add a pair of your favourite black booties or peep-toes to your feet, and you've mastered the latest Cara look for less! 






Diane Kruger Get the Look

Diane Kruger was spotted in the Big Apple in an all grey ensemble. While you may not think the over the knee boots are necessary for this time of year, they would look so chic when paired with a smart and short dress for this season! I absolutely love this look, and many of the pieces displayed here can be paired with so many other different pieces too that they are versatile in more ways than one. While the boots may seem a little pricey, they are the perfect high-street investment that will last you for a lifetime! From working the casually smart-look, here's the key statement pieces you need to get this grey-dame Diane Kruger look.





Victoria Beckham Get the Look

While it's true to say that we barely ever see Victoria Beckham walk out in nothing less than a A-line skirt or tailored dress, it's not to say that she can't pull off a sensual casual look with a long tunic top either. I personally love Victoria Bechkam's sense of styling here, and I love the way she appears just as effortlessly sophisticated in her all-new casual appearance. This is the perfect outfit to wear during a girls day out and equally pleasant for an evening dinner since the colours are not strikingly bold and increasingly demure. So if you're looking to achieve Victoria's look for less, here's how...






If you're looking to get any other celebrity look for less, do let me know, and I will sure share it with you on here! 

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Get my Miami Look!

Miami - holiday

For the past month I've been ever so busy interning, and to top it all off, I got whisked off my feet for a lovely week to the very sexy city...Miami! And that's exactly what I'm here to blog about. Now, I've never done a vacation blog-post before, but since I made every effort to look good (in my head), and also went to one of the most beautiful places on earth, I thought why not! I'm not necessarily going to share with you a day to day diary of what I did, but I do endeavour to share with you some pics of the amazing places I got to see and, of course, share with you my holiday outfits! Miami weather in April is so, so beautiful...equally hot, but not scorchingly hot that its unbearable, yet hot enough for you to get that sexy golden tan! 

Did I mention this was the best holiday ever?! 

You can never get enough of the beautiful scenery in Miami, everything is tainted in pure white against the large and expansive roads. With little boutiques and independent restaurants filling up the inner side-streets of South Beach, to the grand and luxurious stretch of hotels on much of the south's main roads - there is plenty for your eyes to fall in love with. 

A five minute leisure walk to the beach from the hotel meant that I could practically soak in the sun and swelter my feet in the sand all day and all night! Saying this alone will not do quite justice, and I'm sure this picture above isn't doing the same justice either, but seriously, Miami beach is just so so gorgeous. It is, of course, bustling with tourists, yet it is so well-kept and ever so attractive that it can't help but attract crowds of people! #Takemeback

This is the place to be for all the pool side restaurant parties and fun music affairs! Ocean Drive is a hip and youthful place, filled with idyllic 1960's style buildings and vintage-looking hotels. There's a real retro feel about this area, and the palm trees surrounding the bustle just adds to the old-style panache. It's also the place I came to for all my exotic cocktail delights...the variety is second to none! 


Since the weather doesn't scream summer year round in the UK, we Brit's take every opportunity to take a vacation where we can both bask in the sun, and dress up for the hot weather! Most high-street stores are unleashing the SS14 collections, but they do seem more apt to wear if you're planning a summer holiday abroad! Making the most of the humidity in Miami, here are two specific looks I completed part of my holiday's sharing some pictures with you to give you all a little inspiration! 


With spring blossoming daises and yellow summer daffodils, I love wearing floral prints in the sun! It's not only the most befitting time of the year to work the floral-look, but I think it looks classically feminine and dainty for ladies to wear! 

 A sophisticated pink floral pinny maxi dress was by far on of my best purchases for the holiday. The side slits not only serve to show off your tanned legs at there best, but practically keep the air ventilating between your legs - keeping sweat a-bay! I love the Japanese orchid design throughout the dress, and pink has always been one of my all time favourite colours! 


This was one of my favourite purchases too - the floral design bikini and briefs! I literally wore this all the time for those lazy beach days, and it was perfect for the roof-top pool/jacuzi too. Halter neck bikini's particularly appeal to me since I like the ways in which it frames my shoulders! If you're not comfortable in wearing a two-piece bikini, H&M also have a variety of 1 piece swimsuits too. From backless to cut out sections, check out Gisele Bundchen's latest swimwear collection!

H&M - BIKINI: £12.00, BRIEFS - £8.00

And who can forget the extra floral details to adorn the tresses with! I love, love, love decorative flower braids and headbands for the hair, and I think it finishes off a look perfectly. From loose beach curls, a glowing tan and flowers for the hair - it all reveals #holidaymode. Topshop and River Island are two particular high-street stores that are currently endorsing this trend, and the one that I am wearing pictured above is from River Island. I will surely be rocking this look for the summer!



The 90's aztec prints are such a hot trend this season and you will see this particular design making waves across simple midi dresses, crop-tops, maxi dresses and so much more! I love the black and pink colours together, as the pastel pink compliments the design so well. This is also another of my favourite holiday purchases. It's perfect to wear during the day for some sightseeing and equally apt to wear for an evening meal. Just add on a pair of your favourite sling-back heels and you can rock the night away in an uber glamorous yet comfortable look. 


From high-waisted denim shorts to striped denim shorts - no vacation is quite complete without a comfy pair of any one of these! Shorts, for me, are uber stylish - and can practically work with anything. From embellished gladiator shoes, a pair of sneakers to midi heels by night, shorts are right on trend every summer, and are, for me, the perfect casual look to wear on holiday. I don't have a pic of my white shorts here, but a white pair can also look just as trendy. This snap of me pictures me in my comfy topshop denim's with a casual 90's crop tee. I love these crops - they are like my fav thing to purchase when shopping for summer fashion right now!

There's other days where you just prefer lazing around the pool-side in your favourite bikini, denim shorts and sheer sleeveless blouse! This casual look worked so well for the scorching daytime's, and I love the effect the sheer blouse gives to the overall look. It's ever so minimalistic, yet so chic. Add a pair of shades to your head, and your good to go!

How is any casual look quite complete without a oversized sling-back cap? While I occasionally enjoyed wearing my beach hat, I was more so drawn to wearing the Brooklyn NY cap for a more hipster and youthful look. Miami is all about dressing youthful and looking at your casual best - and this cap did the trick! Against my straightened hair, the Brooklyn cap worked so well to bring the whole understated look together. 

There are, of course, some days when the beach curls are tied up, which add to the whole minimalist holiday look too. I love wearing my hair up from time to time, and think the curls compliment the sleek look so well. Especially in the hot weather, keeping your tresses tied away from your face can work wonders to cool you down!

Happy holidays to all those jetting off somewhere nice this summer! Miami is one of the best places on earth to visit! #Iloveyoumiami 

Kin x

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My latest beauty haul - 5 of the best: Spring Edit!

spring beauty edit

It's been a while since I last posted and I know there's no room for excuses either! But today, I've taken out some much needed time to write about all things that make you feel and look beautiful. From scented perfumes, a splash of lip colour to a truly bold & black mascara, I love, love, love shopping for all things beauty! So, here it is, after my recent trip shopping looking for all things makeup, I thought 'why not write a beauty post?' And here I am, sharing with you my very, very exciting beauty haul with five of the best spring/summer products.  

Being a beauty fanatic mean's I 'have' to talk about all the listed make-up products like a true professional! But, in no way am I an actual professional! I will, however, speak from my personal experience about each let's get the ball rolling!


This gorgeous mineralise blush contains a gorgeous sheer shimmer, which is perfect for making the cheeks glow full effect! The SS14 beauty look is all about adding that bit of colour and shimmer to the face to give it some much needed warmth, and this MAC blush is perfect for the season. I very rarely apply too much, and prefer to use a big fluffy brush to create a natural glow. I would say its equally a blush as it is a highlight! Love, love, love this dewy product. 


So beyond the many lipsticks I have, this highly pigmented liquified lipstick did catch my attention. In a gorgeous bright coral/orange hue, Too Faced lipstick is the most apt shade to wear this season. I love wearing this shade throughout the day, and it really does stay put for hours! It does leave a glossy after-effect, which is not so appealing since I prefer a matte finish. However, given the colour and long-lasting wearability, I think it is quite a treat for the season. 


Now, I very rarely indulge in purchasing Clarins make up products, but this cute and compact eye shadow palette is a must have! Now, I trialled a little of the baby pink shimmer and champagne hue and I am seriously so, so, impressed with the long lasting results. My eyes appear so fresh and vibrant, and it's amazing since the colours are so light and subtle. After leaving the baby pink and champagne hue on throughout the day, I brighten up my eyes throughout the night with a little turtle green - it looks incredible!


We all know Leighton Denny is an expert when it comes to nail care and nail colour, and to prove it, here I have Leighton's hottest spring/summer shade! I have been wearing this on my nails for the last week or so, and my hands appear so radiant, quirky and ready for the summer season! A highly pigmented primrose yellow, complete with a glossy shimmer finish, it's my must-have shade to wear! I think a pop of colour really works wonders, and my dainty hands are certainly getting all the attention!


Whether I apply this singularly, or on top of a bright lipstick shade, Max Factor's nude lipgloss is the perfect carry lipgloss on the go! You can never go wrong with a nude gloss and I absolutely love Max Factor's lipgloss range. I love that this gloss doesn't need to be applied several times and it smells divine too! What's there not to love? 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Topshop: I love you!

Yet another day of glorious weather...and I'm not complaining!

With the skies painted blue and the sun gleaming over the city, it's moments/days like these you just want to go out shopping! From finally re-arranging our wardrobes for spring/summer '14, and keeping all those autumnal clothes at really is a wonderful feeling!

On my way travelling home this evening, I took a little detour down Oxford Street! It was, of course, not originally planned...but then I realised my daily fashion fix was clearly over-due. (Any excuse.) 

...And there I was, in all my merriment and glory briskly walking down my all time favourite London shopping hotspot! Making the most of it, I went across all my typically favourite high street stores, in which Topshop certainly left me stunned! My love for pastels (as blogged about previously), was finally coming to life, and I actually had the chance to come across some really beautiful and original's my pick of  a few! Check them out!

Alongside the pastels, big bold logo's and floral prints are definitely a hit this season! Topshop's SS14 collection really embraces the very dainty and feminine look with the classic midi A-line skirt and pencil skirt. It's all very hip and youthful, and the amalgamation of pastel colours and maximalist bright 'pop' colours are favourable for this season too. I particularly took this picture because the all time favourite drape around the shoulders is a yet again a very sensual look to wear. We last saw this with the boyfriend coat and all that autumnal layering, but layering is just as essential this season too.

 This gorgeous pastel yellow knit is so pretty for the spring, and I chose to add this on here because I absolutely love the intricate embellishments detailed around the shoulders. This jumper would look fabulous with a pair of denims or even a pair of duck-egg blue chino's. Love it!

I thought this skirt would look great for both the spring and summer, and can even be paired with a pair of black denier tights during the colder months of the year. I chose to add this because I love the box-square design, as opposed to a typical tartan skirt. It's great for a holiday getaway when paired with a crop tee! And the bright pink colour gives that fresh flash of colour to your wardrobe. 

 This winter was all about the fluffy knits, and the trend has definitely followed through to the spring too! I think this duck-egg blue fluffy knit is versatile enough to wear whatever the weather, and particularly great for the spring/summer given its cute cut off sleeves. I did, however, find the jumper in itself a little plain, and decided to pair this necklace with it to give it some overall warmth!

For that graceful afternoon out in Sloane Square to a plush bar in Soho, this vibrant orange lace midi-dress would look great for a spring day and evening out. The floral design and bright colour work extremely well together to create a very feminine and sensual spring/summer piece. It's definitely edgy and different, which is why it's displayed here! Pair it with a pair of sling-back ankle heels and a pair of floral drop earrings and thats the outfit ready! 

I wouldn't necessarily take this satchel bag around with me everywhere, but I think it's the perfect eye-candy for a casual day out to even a day out shopping. The colour is definitely one of my current favourites and I love the rose-gold detailing in the buckle and straps. It's a classic piece that should definitely be worn from time to time. I've always deemed it essential to change your arm-candy bags regularly. It's refreshing!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring, sun and splendour!

Yesterday, March 9th 2014, the weather was incredible! Ok, slight exaggeration, given the fact it hit a maximum high of 17 degrees here in South London! But, for me, that was in fact pure bliss! After blustering cold weather and storms taking over pretty much of January and February, it feels great to be finally heading out on a weekend to 'enjoy' the blossoming weather. Now, I know you don't want to exactly read a blog post about the weather (do you?), but since the weather was generously warm yesterday, I thought it would be worthwhile doing an outfit post?!

I very rarely have a chance to do one of these posts on here, because I'm either too busy working, or I don't have a good enough selfie...such is life! However, on this occasion, I managed to get myself snapped up and all ready in my outfit for the day, and hence thought it would be worthwhile sharing it with you all.  

From raiding my wardrobe for all things spring, I left the pastels for a warmer day post  March and decided to stick to crisp whites and denims for a polished casual look...

Selfie of the day - sunglass ready! 
Tinted sunglasses - River Island

Kensington Palace skies! 

Afternoon at Hyde Park - Lido Restaurant

#OOTD - Red lace vest, sheer white sleeveless blouse,
denim blue skinny jeans, and ballerina animal print pumps

I chose to stick to denims for the day because it wasn't exactly boiling-hot enough to wear a pleated skirt or a pair of shorts! But casual blue denims look great for a brisk walking day out. Whilst I was pretty set in my mind about wearing these jeans, it did take me quite a while to decide what exactly I'd pair them with. I went from wearing a pastel cami-top with a chic denim jacket, a floral print top, which seemed a little too striking, to this minimalist casual sheer blouse looks - for an understated and tranquil look!

There is absolutely nothing over-powering or out of the box with this outfit, but its super comfy and simply stylish for a day out in the spring sun. I chose to wear a pop of red beneath my sleeveless boyfriend blouse because it goes fabulously well with blue jeans, and serves to bring in that minimal ounce of colour and freshness to the overall look. 

 Vibrant Red Vest - H&M 

I particularly love the lace detail! 
Minimal designs have a big impact when everything is put together!

This boyfriend blouse pictured below is such a great spring/summer overlay! Its sheer white colour makes it perfect for the weather, and its boyfriend oversize design enables it to be incredible free-flowing on the body - you do feel so liberated and comfortable! This white blouse can be paired with almost anything too, even a crop tee for the summer. I personally think its a must have for your wardrobe this season! 

 Simple button up sleeveless blouse - Topshop 

Free-flowing design, perfect in the heat! 
A really effective garment that can look great with almost anything.

Classic camel croc design ballerina flats.
Where comfort meets chic style!

I chose to finish off my look with a pair of these camel croc flats, mix and matching the neutrals shades together. I was originally contemplating whether it would be warm enough to wear a pair of sling-back flats, but I think I did the right thing of waiting to wear them for a warmer day! The pair I had chosen to wear yesterday were in fact the perfect choice for the day. From strolling around various parks throughout the day, I wanted to wear something that was super comfy and equally complimented my outfit. Neutral nudes and camel's are perfect for this weather, and enables you to play around more with your outfit, as opposed to putting all the attention on your feet!

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend too and enjoyed the weather in or out of London! Do share comments and pictures about what you wore too! 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The rise of the sneakers

If there's one thing that Chanel and Dior have proudly embraced in their all new couture collections, its the very sporty trainer-cum-sneaker! From SS14 to AW14, the runway has not just been about the latest in couture clothing, but also about the latest in couture footwear!

Women's couture footwear has often been over-shadowed by the classic court shoe, sling-back stilettos or chic and smart flats (in particular, the oh so gorgeous loafers). However, as of 2014, footwear fashion is stepping out of its comfort zone...moving away from the conventional, trusted pair of heels, to an all new comforting, flat and sporty pair of sneakers! Who'd have thought?! The resilient pair of not so stylish running shoes that were often associated with early-morning gym enthusiasts to those evening park runners have now become a necessity for every woman's wardrobe...the ultimate fashion fix! While sport brands Nike and Adidas can commemorate in the joy of the rise of the sneaker, will you be joining in the rise of wearing the fashionable sneaker too?

The rise of the sneakers

While the runway has ushered us into a world of sneaker acceptance, I have also spotted a couple of ladies braving the trend on streets across Central London too. Now, although this all new sneaker trend has influenced me to share this post, I would also like to comment on the notion of pairing a pair of flat lace up sport-shoes with a sophisticated skirt/dress. Let's all take a moment to reflect...

Honestly, when I first saw this style of outfit incorporated in Chanel's SS14 collection, I wasn't sure about how much of a lasting impression it would have. Clearly, I was wrong. Going back to the ladies who I have caught a glimpse of on the high-street, they were wearing their sneakers with a classic A-line skirt!!! Can you believe it? And that's when you know, it's definitely a fashion hit! 

the rise of the sneakers

It's hard to say what makes the sneaker the perfect pairing with a sophisticated mid-length skirt, but it does work. Maybe it's just about embracing comfort? I mean runway fashion has always evoked sheer opulence, but equally reminded us that we can't always be in the same fashionable space to wear what's presented to us on the runway. These sneakers, however, they seem to appeal to more than just the runway model or couture enthusiast...they're in our reach, they're practical, comfortable and right on trend. The heeled pump that we apparently labelled 'trendy', 'sophisticated', and 'lady-like' is not necessarily a thing of the past, but somewhat limited to only attracting the archetype dainty woman. The sneaker, on the other hand, dismisses the need of any such approval, and invites you to wear your feminine midi skirt with these robust lace-up's like never before. 

It will of course not tickle everybody's fashion tastes, but when comfort and keeping on trend is key, these sneakers are ideal. Whether you label them sneakers or trainers, it really doesn't long as you embrace them and wear them this summer!